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April 19, 2017 Easter Celebration I am so deeply grateful for the wonderful Easter celebration we enjoyed last Sunday. So many of you helped in quiet, powerful ways. My thanks to our Worship-Music Ministry Team members, who planned the service and arranged so many details. 0
March 22, 2017 Lessons Gleaned Lessons gleaned from these tumultuous days… A few weeks ago, I participated in the Under Our Skin event at the Mount Baker Community Club. This is a forum for talking about race relations. As an opening exercise, we were asked 0
March 15, 2017 On Sunday, April 2, immediately after worship we will have a congregational meeting to pray about and discuss the possibility of MBPPC becoming a sanctuary church. For the past month, Session members have been praying about this opportunity, discussing it, 0
March 7, 2017 The Paradox of Lent Here is the paradox of Lent: it is truly about an effort to stop trying to get life right in order to get life right. Let me explain. The standard-issue version of how God works, for people who believe there 0
March 1, 2017 “Saved from What?” “Saved from what?” That was the deceptively simple question an examiner posed to a candidate for ordination. The setting was a meeting of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Presbytery of Detroit, sometime in the early 1990s. Of course, the 0
February 22, 2017 The Season of Lent I hope the Prophetic Witness in Times of Discord sermon series was helpful to everyone. My goal was to offer a Biblical and theological framework for sustained witness during the current political upheaval, and for a way to stay balanced 0
February 15, 2017 Things to Celebrate On a rainy February 15 morning when we are about to surpass the rainfall record for the whole month, and when the almost-daily scandals at the White House top the news again…there is good news at MBPPC! Session met last 0
February 8, 2017 The Faithful Servant-Leader and the Faithful Disciple I can think of three temptations I have had in my career as a pastor: The temptation to be authoritarian; The temptation to foster a comfortably homogenous community; The temptation to use my position for partisan political activity. I am 0
February 1, 2017 Bearing Witness to Christ’s Law of Love My Christian formation as a child worked on two levels: the organized programs for children and youth, such as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Confirmation; and the impressions made on me by less-structured moments of witness. These latter were, 0
January 25, 2017 This Essential Work of Faith I have tried to be faithful, in word and deed, to two foundational convictions about the Christian faith. These two convictions do not sit well in the midst of a post-modern, individualist culture. They are: 1. The Christian faith is 0