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Weekly Bible Study

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March 22, 2017 March 22, 2017 This week, our Gospel of John reading is coupled with a passage from Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. The Gospel reading is even longer than last Sunday’s (I was wrong about last Sunday’s being the longest in the liturgical cycle). 0
March 15, 2017 March 15, 2017 As we continue to pair the Letter to the Romans and John’s Gospel, this week we read Romans 5:1-11 and John 4:5-42. You will notice that the Gospel reading from John is a lengthy and compelling story. 1. Romans 5:1-5 0
March 7, 2017 March 8, 2017 This week, the Letter to the Romans is paired with the Gospel of John. Read Romans 4:1-5 and John 3:1-17. 1. In order to understand Paul’s reference to the Abraham story, read Genesis 15:1-6, noting, especially, verse 6. Paul’s point 0
March 1, 2017 March 1, 2017 During Lent, sermons will be drawn from the Letters of Paul to the Romans and Ephesians, the Gospels of Matthew and John. This first Sunday, the combination is Romans 5:12-19 and Matthew 4:1-11. 1. Ideally, one should read all of 0
February 15, 2017 February 15, 2017 This Sunday is our last sermon in the series Prophetic Witness in A Time of National Upheaval. The Scripture is I Peter 5:6-11. 1. For anyone seeking comfort and strength these days, I Peter 5:6-7 could be a meditation in 0
February 8, 2017 February 8, 2017 This week we focus exclusively on I Peter again: I Peter 3:13-22. It continues to explore the themes of the past few weeks: God’s faithfulness in promising and securing salvation; the future hope amid present struggle; and the need to 0
February 1, 2017 February 1, 2017 This week, I am adding a Gospel reading from Matthew 10:17-20, to reflect on how we are to engage the world as people of faith. 1. Do you believe it is the place of Christians to engage politics as an 0
January 25, 2017 January 25, 2017 This week we look at just two verses: I Peter 1:6-7. 1. Remember that the pronouns here are plural – Peter speaks of “trials” for the Church, and not its individual members alone. 2. Why does he employ the metaphor 0
January 18, 2017 January 18, 2017 We will be reading from the First Epistle of Peter during the coming five Sundays. I strongly encourage everyone to read the whole epistle (letter). This Sunday, the sermon focus is on I Peter 1:1-5. 1. Notice from the outset 0
January 11, 2017 January 11, 2017 This is our last week of following the lectionary before I offer a sermon series on I Peter. Still, the theme will be the same as that series: “Prophetic Witness in A Time of National Crisis”. Our readings this Sunday 0