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Mary’s Place Homeless Women & Children Shelter

Mary’s Place Update: Mary’s Place has informed us and the other participating churches that it is eliminating the Rotating Shelter Program at the end of 2017. The reasons include an insufficient number of participating churches, families being reluctant to move every week or two, difficulty finding drivers and the fact that the program coordinator decided to leave MP to finish her master’s degree. The MP Ministry team is exploring other possible opportunities for maintaining volunteer involvement with MP, and the session will be prayerfully considering options for re-focusing our ministry in the community. Feel free to talk to any member of the MP ministry team if you are interested in continuing to volunteer with Mary’s Place or to the Session if you have ideas about other options. Blessings on all of you who volunteered or otherwise supported this important ministry. Joy Knopp, Jane Graham, Deb Dollard, Ellen McLain, Ann Hedreen, Lauren Shea, Erica DeKlerk