3201 Hunter Blvd. South | Seattle, WA 98144 10:30am Sundays

Mary’s Place

Mt. Baker Presbyterian Church hosts Mary’s Place homeless women’s shelter for 2 weeks twice a year.

This ministry team provides dinner, breakfast, and night time shelter to 12 to 14 homeless women and children in the social hall.  We are happy to have the chance to put our kitchen/bath/laundry to good use as disciples of Jesus, ministering to those in need.

There is an opportunity for everyone in the congregation to contribute.  We need:

  • Drivers
  • Meal preparers and servers
  • Evening hosts
  • Sleep-over hosts

If you are interested in serving in this ministry, you can sign up for one or more roles for one or more nights. If you can’t participate directly you can still support the mission through donations of food, or money for food and supplies.

Please contact Jane Graham or Joy Knopp for more information or to get involved.